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hello, I'm meghan

I am a Knoxville native and love watching Knoxville grow. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture. Architecture school turned out to be much different than working in an architecture office. I started missing working with my hands, building models, sketching, designing, and working through a problem 100 times until I found the perfect solution. With the encouragement of my mom, I started my own business in 2010 making and selling paper items. It felt like architecture school again - working until 4am on a new design that I just couldn't put down, thinking of new products and executing them efficiently and cost effectively, seeing a concept turn into a real thing from beginning to end. That's what brings me joy.


Growing up, I was always the pessimistic eye-roller of the family. My cynical greeting cards have become my most popular. You can probably also tell from my work that I love the south, puppy dogs, bright colors, confetti, and sweets.

When I started my business, I worked out of the back of my mom's hair salon with a table, a printer, and a cabinet full of paper. Since then, my studio has expanded 4 times. I now work in a 400 sq ft studio space inside my own home. My product line has also grown slowly over time and now includes dozens of giftable items. My products are currently sold in over 100 stores across the country.

I wear all of the hats when it comes to this little business. I do all of the product design, production, shipping, costumer service, marketing, merchandising, product photography, and social media content. It's a bit overwhelming for an introvert like me, and I stay very busy.


Every product is designed by me, and most are handmade by me. Paper items are printed in my studio on a professional ink jet printer. Paper items are cut, folded, and packaged by hand and are made to order. All screen printed apparel, totes, and towels are hand pulled by me. Screen printing is the least perfect method I use, so some variation occurs in each item. Fabric magnets and ornaments are designed and assembled by me, but I have some help printing the fabric.

And because I know you are going to ask, yes, I have a dachshund. Her name is Lux. She's 10 years old, but she's a puppy at heart. She spends most days curled up beside me in my studio.

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