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hello, I'm meghan

I am a Knoxville native and have loved seeing Knoxville grow and become The Maker City. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture. I had every intention of being a great architect, but turns out, architecture school is much different than working in an architecture office. I started missing working with my hands, building models, sketching, and designing. Since starting my own business, I've loved the flexibility of being my own boss, working weird hours, and seeing a concept become a real thing from beginning to end. My mom is also a small business owner and has been a huge source of encouragement and advice ever since I started my business.

I began designing custom invitations in October of 2010 after struggling to find creativity as an entry-level architect. That passion soon turned into this line of paper goods and gifts. I am never truly happy unless I am making things with my hands, and luckily I get to do that almost every day. My designs are often inspired by the silly things Southerners say, my love of pets, and powerful women. I use bright colors, puns, and cynicism to create relatable items you'll want to send to everyone you love (and maybe some you don't}. I enjoy creating things that bring a smile to peoples' faces. I hope you'll find something here that makes you smile.

A bit about me: I became a mom in 2021 right after the pandemic, but I've been a dog mom since 2008. Lux is my fearless senior dachshund, and when I got married, I also became a mom to a rat terrier named Trixie. I'm a bit of a control freak which has given me a lot of anxiety as a new mom. Growing up, I was always the pessimistic eye-roller of the family. I love history podcasts and dark comedies. I love cookies and french fries. Winter is my least favorite season, and I get depressed when daylight savings time ends. I'm always conflicted as to whether I should be a maximalist or a minimalist. I always think I like the outdoors until I start sweating. I was raised by a feminist and come from a long line of women that get sh*t done. I've been a vegetarian since I was 10, and being a vegetarian in the 90s in the South was a wild time. I'm an introvert and prefer my own company to everyone else's. I love that my job allows me to be a stay at home mom, but I also can't wait until my daughter goes to Kindergarten.

This is a one woman show. Every product is designed by me, and most are handmade by me. Paper items are printed in my studio on a professional ink jet printer. Paper items are cut, folded, and packaged by hand and are made to order. I used to screen print all of my own products, but now I outsource the printing. Fabric magnets and ornaments are designed and assembled by me, but I have some help printing the fabric.

See my process below.

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